is really for some webmaster to pity, why? Because I know a webmaster, web site development is very good, but it was down the right, I told him some recovery, he said no, want to give up. Is it really for me friends heart to hurt, so hard to do, or the right to be reduced, but also make the Internet a little attention to the user site, so today Lin Jianhui must give everyone a good talk, don’t do these things on your site.


do SEO groups, each of which is The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong, will have their own set of methods. Of course, these methods are good, there are bad, the use of bad methods to optimize the site will have some negative impact. So in the process of the entire SEO, those practices are wrong, the following Lin Jianhui together with the analysis.

1: Web content keywords and internal chain

in this regard is generally a novice error, these novices are divided into two types. First, the lack of key words, some of the new published an article, the number of keywords appear very little, not even. This optimization is not effective, each article should add the right amount of keywords and the chain. Second, excessive optimization, this type of novice is put too much and keywords within the chain, that will optimize the effect of quick, did not think of excessive optimization, not only have no effect, but also in SEO, this is a kind of cheating.

2: website revision

SEOer is not a lack of knowledge, but lack of experience and patience. In the process of optimization, the optimization of less than a few days, the site optimization effect is not obvious, it is easy to modify the site. The site is very easy to change the search engine down the right to say, once the site to do a large modification in front of optimization can also be wasted. If the site is a problem, it is necessary to modify some of the small part can not change.

3: the title is not good

is a part of the SEOer like to use pictures as the title of the content, although it looks pretty, but the optimization is a negative impact, so the title is best to use plain text. The text title will contain good site keywords or long tail keywords, only beneficial to the user experience, if you have to do with the title picture, to optimize the picture, can not find it, I had to write an article on the optimization of the picture before the article.

4: the chain into mass

although the chain must be sent, but must use the method, like some BBS signature, not to use, no effect, and the best is in the same industry platform release of your chain, and high quality, the most important is the external links can attract users to click on your hair, how to send in accordance with their own, think this a few to me.

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