(1) first of all to thank the senior veterans who share. This article starts from the personal understanding, makes the sharing.

(2) this paper is written for beginners, of course, I am not what laoniao. Senior veteran can skip, also welcomed the exchange.

(3) in this article refers to the network marketing from the perspective of small and medium enterprises, does not involve the giants such as China Mobile’s network marketing.

on network marketing the author would like to say two words: one is "Study hard every day". The two is "practice". The network marketing is not a short duration of time things, need to keep learning and practice, to summarize, best can also share their learning experiences or useful information.

network marketing to pay attention to the nine problems, the author divides the nine issues into "the Three Represents", "the" three "," the three".

Three Represents

(a) represents the fundamental interests of Internet users

this article does not talk about politics, just want to say that no matter what you want to promote products, on behalf of the fundamental interests of Internet users is very important. So don’t make false propaganda, do not throw garbage information (hereinafter the "three no" one), so not much significance. And you should consider the feelings of the majority of Internet users, the author is responsible for the responsibility to say, it is not environmentally friendly, Internet users will be very serious consequences.

(two) on behalf of their standard

adhere to the original, even when you write something is not so good, but it is made of the original step. As you continue to exercise, you will find that your standards are improving. So, you find that you have grown up. Remember, growth is important.

(three) represents the psychological needs of Internet users

if you do not meet the psychological needs of the majority of Internet users, but also does not meet the needs of certain platforms, only you see, it does not mean the meaning of the. I have tried to use other net, according to the hot topic of sina’s article, which relates to a "Jang Na Ra said quanqian" article by editing the key recommendation, remember is recommended after 17:30, the traffic in the evening will receive more than 1000. In fact, I did not think that the article can be recommended before, the reason can be recommended, I think it should be in line with the psychological needs of the Internet users, but also the needs of the site.

three to

(a) to people-oriented, relationship is very important

seems to be in the big class, but it is true, just like in real life, you familiar with the people, the Department closed, and then on the more convenient.

forum marketing, if you are not a moderator, who with the moderator mix, even if you send the advertisement, just not very far. The moderator may let you change a post, rather than directly deleted, or was considered directly deleted, but because of relatively ripe, the.