network promotion means is ubiquitous, large to promote the promotion, small to two-dimensional code scanning, it can be said that the network has been extended to every small details on the network. But I think, want to do a good job to promote the network must seek to promote the depth and width of the promotion. My inspiration comes from the bus, on the subway, people waiting for the bus when the subway, often have nothing to do, and now, the intelligent mobile phone has become an indispensable part of people’s life, according to my observation, there are a considerable number of people used to read e-books, of course including network literature and news but, this is really a good way to network promotion.

so the use of e-books to promote, what is the characteristics of the e-book grab it? I think it is to seize the four words: convenient and free. Reading e-books from space and time constraints, as long as the download, whether you are in the office or in the subway, you can take out to read, think how to look, how to see, this is different from the traditional reading e-books will show more most incisive in information era. The problem is that, since the benefits of e-books, how to make e-books is the key.

how to make e-books and how to put ads in e-books because this is our purpose, let the reader to acquire knowledge, we also want to let him remember our products and brands. Then we will talk about the following, the main points of making e-books.

1 e-book writing

for the article is the same, just like soft Wen, want to have the theme. It is very important that your theme will determine which customers will be locked. In the content, you can take the length of others, to make up for their own short, we should know that users do not like to know who wrote this, he wants to understand the content of the utility or readability. So you are in the production directory, subject matter, and other relevant information, it is necessary to take into account the user experience. This can also be regarded as e-book preparation.

2 E-Book release preparation before

finish is not equal to the promotion, we have a lot of things to do. On the content of the article we want to optimize the layout, typesetting detection, an important step is to be implanted advertising. A little bit of the book is that you can make the ad cleverly hidden in the content, because we can observe that e-books are usually several formats. Like TXT, Doc, PDF, etc., then the use of these unique characteristics of the format to implant advertising. For example, word can do the header and footer. These ads obvious opinion, stability is relatively strong, similar to the way there are pictures, links, etc..

3 select customer groups

with the author, e-book content I do is baby articles, because my is the mother and child website, and that this time, the choice of natural group is the majority of the pregnant mother and the baby and mother postpartum.