early in the morning of February 26th, on-line business preferred SF SF for nearly a year, today announced the opening of Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen three normal food distribution, this also means that the SF began to force electricity supplier business.

according to reports, starting from today, SF preferred mall all storage conditions marked as normal class of goods, distribution area increased to four city. But different from other SF preferred electricity supplier of food fresh food, this has not been included in the three new city service category.

preferred SF insiders said, city food at room temperature class development, a "speculative" and SF, SF this is cautious style. In fact, SF preferred last May on the line, then CEO Liu Miao said will soon be extended to other city, but in the end to have a substantial step after a year.

of course during this period also experienced SF preferred CEO replacement, in October last year by the SF Airlines Group Vice President, President Li Dongqi took over CEO. Li Dongqi in communication with sina technologies said, over the past year in the SF preferred test operation, so the process will be adjusted according to actual situation, postponed to expand to other city, is to have the best experience.

because the SF group "shaoshuoduozuo" style, preferably also rarely disclose information, but its advantages in logistics soon emerged: during the Spring Festival on the third party courier delivery of Taobao stores and electricity supplier basically stopped operating, but the SF preferred but not "heteronomy", usher in a new business the peak.


preferred SF still faces no small pressure: first selected high-end imported food, fresh areas, has become the major Internet giants competing in the Red Sea, the Jingdong, COFCO’s Amazon, I bought the network to join the fresh agricultural and subsidiary field became snatch.

at the same time, the SF preferred propelled the city, with the rapid development of the No. 1 store in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen is the biggest advantage of the SF group, but also belong to the coastal city near Hongkong, on the Internet to purchase high-end imported food and fresh acceptance inspection still remains to be verified.

according to the preferred SF, SF relying on strong logistics resources and financial support group, in addition to high-end food and fresh, SF preferably also began to try some of the characteristics of business, such as the development and optimization of the world map and other seasonal delicacy shopping features section, and in the brand and operational level force slowly.