technology news June 5th afternoon news, cross-border electricity supplier honey bud baby announced a strategic investment in Chongqing Xiyong comprehensive free trade zone, the future will be docking Chongqing Chongqing New Europe international railway transport channel, will expand more upstream European brand suppliers.

since last year, cross-border electricity providers have announced the news of cooperation with the domestic bonded area. For example, the United States and the United States in Zhengzhou bonded area built self care, Jingdong aims to join the Zhengzhou E trade ecosystem, Alibaba and Zhuhai free trade zone to build electricity supplier platform, etc.. Price war in the cross-border electricity supplier, warehousing and logistics is cross-border fight battlefield.

Chongqing is located in the "new Silk Road Economic Belt" and "the intersection of the twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road", is The Belt and Road inland city core selected countries ". Chongqing new European railway connecting Eurasia, a strong impact on China EU trade. In the history of cross-border electricity supplier cooperation with the bonded area in China, the goods are shipped from Europe by sea, the trip takes about more than and 40 days. The honey bud baby catch the Chongqing New Europe only takes about 14 days time.

honey bud baby said, logistics and warehousing is to protect the cross-border electricity supplier to run the hardware store, the supply chain is the lifeline of cross-border electricity supplier. The cross-border electricity supplier in the upstream supply chain control is vital. Such as the famous brand imported diapers and international well-known manufacturers of milk production capacity is limited, but the market demand is strong enough, who can grasp the upstream suppliers who can supply more to stay to the end. (Lin Ming)