as the saying goes, entered in twenty-first Century, is entering information times. So the most important is the information age network, said network, then the network shopping is an industry in recent years the fire. Before the beginning of the transformation of a lot of webmasters, started the e-commerce site owners, from Taobao, pat, eBay C2C platform, to now popular independent B2C platform. Taobao platform here is not much to say. Here to share with you the independent B2C shop promotion.

author’s cool baby mall opened for a while, basically as long as it is to open an independent B2C shop, are constantly looking for market. In fact, I am also such a state of mind, but this thing is not anxious. Some friends asked me: "you open an independent shop, publicity is a problem ah, publicity is not in place, no one to buy your things?" yes, yes, no publicity will not be someone to buy things. But I want to say is: to learn how to promote their products, at the same time, the quality of your products must pass. Others will think that although the cheap stuff on Taobao, but your Dongdong expensive, but not cheap goods. If you let people have the feeling, then leave a near. Oh, these are all chat ah.

said a few common promotion:

a, soft marketing (difficulty coefficient: Intermediate)

for the promotion of the network mall, soft Wen marketing is a very important means, when I sold the phone card in Taobao, is to rely on the promotion of the soft method, the effect is still good.

moved to a class of soft paper may be divided into two categories: "consumer guidance" type of soft Wen and application skills of the kind of soft. Consumer guide kind of soft Wen mainly refers to some of the pre purchase notes, skills, and so on, how to prevent JS, etc., the application of soft Wen mainly refers to the use of some products experience and maintenance. These two categories of articles is very easy to get user acceptance, and easy to spread. More than two types of soft text is more likely to be recognized by the user, and a higher success rate (


two, blog marketing (difficulty coefficient: primary)

With the popularization and application of

(blog), blog marketing is more and more popular. But for the mall, it should create an expert blog related fields. For example, the sale of children’s goods store, it can create a children’s products expert blog. Over time, your blog has become a propaganda tool for your shop, and can not let go of this method oh.

three, forum marketing (difficulty coefficient: primary)

said here is not the kind of marketing forum, forum listserv, or pay for the full post world, these are not called marketing forum. The real forum marketing refers to the relevant product forum, the theme of their own opinion leaders, or very convincing, so as to affect the consumer behavior of the forum users to get the purpose of selling products. If you want to go further