September 5th, Yao Jingyuan, chief economist at the Bureau of Statistics said in a speech, China’s economy since the beginning of the second half of 2008, the downward trend has been curbed, the worst period of China’s economy has passed. Australia’s central bank has decided to raise interest rates for the first time in 19 months in October to reduce monetary policy stimulus.

iResearch data show: in the second quarter, the scale of the Internet economy Chinese market reached 16 billion 760 million yuan, the end of 08Q4 since the overall size of the market decline, year-on-year 08Q2 growth of 22.2%, growth of 17%, the overall market rebound obvious signs of network economy.

in the 08 year of financial crisis roaring at the beginning of the network marketing industry have shouted "network marketing can help small and medium enterprises winter", so today, there are signs of winter frost to melt slowly, the economy began to pick up small and medium-sized enterprises and how to use network marketing to meet the economic situation improved, the continued occupation of network marketing the new high ground? More than a clock wave that can be roughly divided into the following directions:

first, closely combined with relevant policies, keep pace with the pace of national development, adjust the network marketing strategy. Yao Jingyuan pointed out that "only the financial crisis is changing the mode of growth, improve the ability of independent innovation, optimize the structure of the opportunity, Chinese in economy in order to overcome this crisis, go to a new growth platform." Then, as China economy is the most important part of small and medium-sized enterprises, we must seize the opportunity, enhance core competitiveness, the export tax rebate, private financing to solve the problem of funds, through government support for emerging industries increase technology investment and other initiatives are feasible measures.

secondly, to meet the new market demand at home and abroad, change the focus of network marketing. At the beginning of the financial crisis, some export-oriented enterprises will focus on the marketing of enterprises from the export to domestic sales, for the huge domestic market, marketing strategies and marketing methods have changed. The whole international economic environment has eased the moment, you can consider the focus of marketing to restore the previous market, after all, there is enough to use the old customer resources. The original did not try to enter the foreign market enterprises, but also to exploit the international market. From the beginning of the two quarter, more and more than a number of business customers opened the English version of the site, successfully sold their products abroad.

third, increase the network marketing investment, selling products for a brand. In the financial crisis, small and medium-sized enterprises from the traditional marketing mode to the network marketing, most small business owners are aware of network marketing charm, good marketing effect prompted them to further increase the network marketing investment. Ai Rui report data show: 2009 in the first half of China’s online shopping market transaction size of $103 billion 460 million, an increase of $08 in the first half of 53 billion 110 million yuan. The reason is that the enterprise is more dependent on the network marketing channels, changing the original sales model. When the enterprise network marketing model matures, then the needs of the enterprise network marketing must follow