as the world’s biggest retail network platform, with the magnitude of the precise target consumer groups and great purchase flow, is the traditional enterprise develop the network retail e-commerce choice, especially for small and medium enterprises, want to do retail network, it will do whatever is Taobao, Taobao mall or C shop. Because of the huge investment in the operation of self built independent B2C mall, with the precise flow of Taobao, but it can save a lot of operating expenses. The root Tan is combined with some experience about our operations Taobao how to do Taobao store operations, especially how to set up the Taobao operating system, this article does not talk about the specific details of the operation and tips, but from the point of view of system integration to discuss.


Taobao business the first step to develop the overall project strategy planning

The old saying "

Forewarned is forearmed". Before settling in Taobao, be sure to do a good job of planning, analyzing the market, analyzing competitors, target consumers, and insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their brands, products and businesses. Taobao provides a number of data analysis tools, it is easy to carry out the data analysis, such as the total size of the industry, hot selling products, competitors sales forecasts. Through the analysis of these data combined with their own product advantages will be able to establish a clear direction, clear thinking, clear positioning, and the development of sales targets, Taobao development stage and development steps, determine the stage of the formation of the team. After the formation of a specific operation schedule table. All of the following work is based on the specific implementation of the strategic blueprint, of course, in the specific operation process may need to be adjusted according to the actual situation of the original plan and objectives.


Tan roots: only the first analysis, formulate strategies and specific implementation plan, in order to division of labor, some anti vector, realize the maximization of the value of resources integration.

Taobao second steps to set up operational team

when the overall strategic planning of the project is good, the first thing is to organize resources, human, financial, material and other resources. One of the biggest problem is the formation of the team, talent is the core of Taobao operations, all of the work plan needs to be completed by the people. Team building, according to the strategic sales objectives and inputs can be small, and should be gradually adjusted in the specific operating process.

a complete Taobao electricity supplier team consists of at least the following posts: Project Manager, copywriter planning, commodity operations, Taobao promotion, art, customer service and other personnel. Among them, if possible, copywriting also can be decomposed into product copy and spread copy, promotional and commercial operations primarily for product analysis and planning, organization, promotion of Taobao on the train and other Taobao tools to use to promote the art is the product baby shop decoration, page design, page design activities, some customer service is the understanding of product knowledge, sales ability,.