18, today’s female assistant beauty grapefruit CEO Chen Fangyi in the internal mail, announced that the company has achieved over 10 million yuan profit, net profit of nearly three months also increased, the growth rate of more than 50% months, business street GMV grapefruit has reached 100 million yuan. At the same time, Chen Fangyi said, the U.S. grapefruit a new round of financing will be announced soon.


beauty grapefruit CEO Chen Fangyi mail full text:

to the United States and grapefruit all colleagues a letter

dear little ones:

I have a good news to share with you: after a year of commercial exploration, the U.S. grapefruit has achieved scale profits in the last quarter. First to introduce the basic situation, the two quarter, the company’s profit scale of more than 10 million, but also to achieve a positive cash flow. From the source of revenue, business and advertising business respectively contributed half of the revenue, the electricity supplier + advertising business strategy that the company implemented last year was successful; from the growth point of view, the last three months, the monthly net profit compound growth rate of more than 50%, which proves that the profit is persistent, the company’s performance is very healthy. In short, the U.S. grapefruit has achieved the ability of self blood, without fear of capital cold winter.

looked back, the U.S. grapefruit along the way is very interesting.

in the first period of the management of the market, the U.S. grapefruit experienced a "bloody war", we lead the formation of tools of community, a leading opponent in the activity, the war now, nearing the end, our DAU has more than three times second;

in the commercial business, we walked out of the unique path, not on the first day of sales, but with real users to do business, but can achieve the scale and profit. Grapefruit street every month GMV has more than 100 million yuan, and is still at a very high rate of growth, the key is that the electricity supplier business has been profitable for the last three quarters;

in the advertising business, we also create a unique advantage: we are not a what users are some media, but a pure female community and the media, in beauty and chemical industry has become the preferred first-line brands launch. America grapefruit monthly advertising revenue has more than 10 million


we are in commercial at the same time, also did not stay in the original business, but continue to LEGO own moat, last hatched baby beauty grapefruit pomelo, the business layout extends from simple period field to the different stages of pregnancy, maternal women, we are the only one company can serve the entire women the life cycle, it also proved that we continuously from 0 to 1 of the entrepreneurial ability.

interesting thing is that we have been different from others. Not on the first day to make money, but the accumulation of users, only after three years to consider commercialization; the beginning of commercialization is not only a business