a man’s life are his thoughts locked up, so ordinary people love Sike, as if all things only you can learn their own insurance, have learned that is not their own ability, will use resources is a shortcut; there is planted into the "should be" these two words should not facts be opinionated, so multiple perspective will feel more simple.

to say what is the most valuable ability, in my opinion is: will integrate resources. To bring together what you need is talent.

too many examples, such as search team, such as companies looking for people to find resources, make money and so on are in line with the basic ability and energy are limited, win-win cooperation for the integration of resources, said Taobao off yesterday, see a lot of people are interested in, so today only from one aspect about empty money resources integration:


empty earn, limits the premise, what are not! Want to make money, no money, no products, no resources, no connections to the

how to do?

first overthrow a conclusion: entrepreneurship does not need money, do not need contacts, do not need the product, and so what is not needed, just thinking and a calm attitude can be enough to do things. No way, we can only say that a good life.

how to do it? An example:

we now know each county or city are in the cinema but marketing is not attractive, so most of the time the attendance rate is very low, sometimes two or three people, but the film also must be put, which resulted in a waste of resources.

generally see this not what, but the people all look. This is the opportunity.

this is a real case, someone did it. At that time, he saw the opportunity to discuss with the cinema owner. Asked the cinema owner, since the waste is also a waste, he helped sell, as long as he took the past to give him 10% of the customer’s Commission?.

boss want to empty so many sub sell not sell, earn enough to earn more and do not suffer, promised him.

specific promotion, he went back to the registered WeChat account, to the local hired two sexy girl, in the back of the thigh, the sign affixed to the two-dimensional code, most people walking in the street for the brand, top write "sweep, half off movies, more attractive for a week! Fans on the micro signal, an increase of 10000. Then the couple didn’t do what operations every day, to push the latest film on the inside, and the user chat, made a system, as long as the purchase of movie tickets, WeChat public people automatically reply to two-dimensional code to the cinema movie tickets for half price. The use of word of mouth spread, the white gloves of the year thousands of sales. Let the cinema help him work!

empathy, and now 90% of the community’s excess capacity, you can help him get the Commission to sell this is the opportunity to take the initiative to ok. What to find what you lack it, it is likely that others can not handle more. >