said the micro, may for the majority of people on the word micro is very familiar with, and even never heard of. Before the webmaster circles a lot of people in the discussion: "2014 is the year of mobile Internet, micro micro is years, will become the next WeChat?" in fact, as in the past, the Tencent maintained a "copycat will end" the traditional Tencent, microscopic also is not the first, abroad already had Vine, keek, Instagram and other applications before. One of the Vine’s reputation is higher, the user can shoot 6 seconds of video and share through Vine, many foreign brands through Vine to advertise.


, what is the micro


microview is a new application of the Tencent launched a short video sharing community, positioning. Based on this application, the user can shoot a 8 second video clip and share it to the video community, while supporting the sharing to WeChat circle of friends and micro-blog.

two, micro marketing advantage

(1) social relationship chain

The use of

depending on brand promotion, can seize the micro Tencent can rely on social platforms, including WeChat, QQ, micro-blog, Tencent, mobile phone QQ space are gathered with the user’s social relationships chain. For users, more natural content in addition to sharing to fans, but also spread to different social networks. Especially the seamless connection between micro and WeChat. This is the other side of the product is not easy to imitate.

(2) user experience

micro video can not only open sharing, some video can also share only to specific users. A share of the privacy for the user, allowing users to shoot video with more free space. This innovation will become as the continuous improvement in the level of the products, by adding more selective sharing so as to improve the user experience, more likely to be more users to accept.

(3) small and beautiful

the current social platforms such as micro-blog, WeChat and so on are basically text, pictures, voice and other sharing, and micro is a "dynamic social language" as the carrier of the "social V" (SOCIAL Video) concept, another possibility to open the mobile social networking, is a supplement to the conventional social platform, wonderful ideas and rich content form can make share has become even more interesting.

(4) network environment

4G with the advent of the Internet age, will speed limitations and flow rate of the lowest share of short video or even cease to exist, the era of the 4G network environment will provide a new market growth space for more applications, this point is particularly important for video products. The video and micro limit of 8 seconds, one is 8 seconds to form fragments of the most easy to form the impression in people’s minds; on the other hand, Chinese in the current network environment as > 8 seconds