company to collect sales data from the analysis of various well-known online retailers, completed the survey report of users of online shopping habits on the basis of the report, entitled "digital window shopping behavior" report. Online retailers are advised not to pay attention to the reasons why shoppers don’t buy anything and then leave the site.


report shows that for the search and surf the Internet become more and more sophisticated shoppers no longer impulse to click on the site to the shopping cart button, but spend a few days to browse the various shopping sites, they often visit more than 10 sites, and until a few hours or a few days later to a website to buy it. They easily give up the shopping cart, which makes retailers puzzled at.


survey found that the average length of time from a consumer’s first visit to a website to his site was more than 19 hours. About 35% of the surveyed consumers need more than 12 hours to make a purchase decision, while more than 21% of the people to more than 3 days, and even more than 14% people a week to decide where to buy. The decision to buy a unique commodity is the shortest, and the general merchandise will take longer to decide.

report that consumers stay at the site is an important factor in the comparison of online shopping security issues, the credibility of the site construction has become an important reason for the purchase or give up shopping cart. The past two years there has been an increase in the rate of abandoned shopping cart, the main reason is the emergence of a shopping search engine, the popularity of comparison shopping, so that consumers have more choices.

report that, for retailers, give up shopping cart and shopping decision time extension means that the shopping cart should not only be regarded as a convenient shopping factors to optimize the design. The electronic commerce website operators should pay attention to the construction of the website, including the shopping experience and website content, the credibility of information transmission, and not just the shopping cart design itself, because consumers abandoned shopping carts are small, and give up the entire site, but not in the online shopping is the most fatal problem.

In addition, security and integrity are often the most important measure of value for consumers to buy more than

. At the same time, the use of network tools and the development of the tools of the web site is also different. For example, businessmen in the shopping cart section deliberately set up a good faith and security terms, but consumers want to find the integrity of the site itself and the sense of security. They look at the point of view of a web site with their physical store into the same point of view, nothing more than appearance, convenience and service attitude. The use of shopping cart is also different from the intention of businessmen, many consumers will be selected into the shopping cart goods, not to buy, but to facilitate their price comparison, such as freight statistics.

other online users of online shopping behavior research also shows that the main reason for consumers to shop online is to be able to study the product >