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in the margin of the founder of the network asked Dong Dong, he calmly replied:

public marriage market is much larger than the outside world, we advertise in the CCTV, according to CCTV’s advertising requirements, we need to have third party authority certification. We are the mainstream in the marriage market. Our cash flow is sufficient, the financing is also very smooth."

Jiayuan, Lily network and a dating website rise in 2004, which has been listed in 2011 jiayuan. Starting in 2007, the fate of the network, apparently latecomers. 2007-2009, a gold edge network caught last time WAP mobile Internet era, successfully opened a new location in the marriage market, to avoid the brutal competition in the high-end marriage market, "grass root who in the world".


following is the founder of the edge of the network ship Dong readme:

in WAP to do dating

When the

in 2002, I started a job as monternet.

is also because of their years of experience in the field of mobile Internet accumulation, so I can see very clearly, although the mobile Internet is still very rough, but I know there will be a huge opportunity.

at that time, the mobile Internet is very rough, the user experience is far worse than PC, many people will feel that money is not there. But this is the general norm of disruptive innovation – all from the people do not look good, compared to the mainstream products have a huge gap in the form of experience, but it has a brighter future.

I know that the mobile Internet will gradually penetrate into the crowd from the low-end crowd, and gradually beyond the mainstream products, subversion PC products. This is a classic way of the evolution of industrial disruptive innovation.

was Monternet or a closed system, because the mobile Internet optimistic, so my next choice is in the closed system of Monternet or out of Monternet free wap. For me, my choice is free WAP, it is an open system, not around the operator.

2007, 2008, I caught a wave of opportunity. We believe that job search, electricity providers, friends, is the future trend of the three market demand, so the election of the three, decided to do a piece of the mobile internet.

looking for work this thing when I am not very familiar with, and the defendants have listed. Taobao is also very strong, but the electricity supplier this thing if you feel in the south to do a little better, because the market close to the point.

dating (love) this, although the market was Jiayuan, cherished network, Lily network, but they are not too strong, the dating site is more fire, it represents a new way of making friends, I feel.