when the traditional business how to enter the electricity business, still foggy groping for a seat in the Internet, electricity providers have gradually into the interior of the traditional business.

Ali intime shares boost O2O, tiger had to put on someone else’s site slowly down

The traditional department stores

days under the impact of electricity providers has been bad, Ali listing has been shouting for a year, and the acquisition of shares in, all events have not been interrupted, full of hanging enough media and the people’s appetite, intime shares business circles have analytical comments, there are views of the traditional department store had an opportunity for transformation though words are spoken, "and cherish", but all have revealed for the development of optimism: intime Ali stake in intime department store for the electricity supplier can shake the "fitting room" identity, according to reliable sources, the user online fitting, scan code, online shopping, businesses can get the Commission may become one of the mode of cooperation, is to see how the benefits of intime.

Ali shares intime exactly what is the figure of the data of the members of the intime data under the line of huge membership data but poor interaction, Enron look at least this is not the most important.

industry there is a voice is Ali intime as "mice", the cooperation for electricity providers and traditional business integration "that a direction of the first step to try to accumulate with the traditional experience of cooperation with the electricity supplier chiefs continued" like Wanda electricity providers, traditional business combination "and" edge "from this point of view, it is more appropriate to. The tigers are afraid of snakes, not to mention the traditional business is not a simple "vision", Ali wants to win in the market share, the first "slow down", first with the "landlord" ability to push O2O is undoubtedly wise, if really grab resources in a flagrant way on the domain of others, is afraid of walking will the stumbling stone! Of course, now a lot of department store reduced electricity providers fitting room is also Ali, why not continue to meet the eye everywhere, push the "cat house" mode directly to a line fitting room? Or the phrase "other people’s sites, you want to do? Of course not so easy." How can the traditional business watch business occupied with their own stores, grab your business, then do nothing?

in short, Ali joint intime push O2O, in the former opponent in the face of a strong style change, first into the traditional market, which is considered wise.

print or Ali line into another important channel

in April 1st, using a mobile phone Taobao cooperation with 12 major newspapers across the country at first glance Ali, print and Ali cooperation themes, the mind will not show the mobile terminal portal? Then the electricity supplier is eyeful of advertising? Portal transformation on the PC side of the media is already low technology chip, and make the portal in the mobile terminal, even a few big internet portal leader, the technology currently does not meet the requirements, not on what facade no technology mobile portal?

fine thought, and the media contact > Ali