November 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, Groupon this morning launched a group buying in Paris, the user can purchase 40 euros in France, Amazon’s coupons of $half off. Analysts believe that this may imply that Amazon is likely to acquire Groupon.

in the Groupon as the representative of the group buying site and Gilt Groupe as the representative of the impact of flash shopping site, as the world’s largest e-commerce site, Amazon is slow, difficult. This episode Groupon was about to be acquired; there are also reports that Amazon plans to invest the biggest competitor Groupon LivingSocial, enter the local business sector.

Amazon has just acquired an unknown group buying site Woot. Previously, Amazon’s investment targets are leading companies in various fields, such as the United States’s largest footwear e-commerce site Zappos, as well as cosmetics website Quisdi and Diapers. Therefore, the acquisition of Woot is likely to understand the operating mode of the group buying site, ready for a larger investment. In this paper, by the station

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