with the popularity of the Internet, online shopping has gradually been recognized by people, especially young people, online shopping has become the main shopping. Online shopping crowd increased, the type of online shopping sites also grow, after all, the market determines supply and demand, there will be a demand for natural supply. At present, the types of shopping sites in a variety of forms, complete, designed to provide a richer, more diverse choices for online shopping groups.

it is understood that in 2009, China’s Internet users will reach 322 million, China’s Internet penetration rate will reach 23.8%.

at the same time, the financial crisis is to provide a rare opportunity for the development of China’s e-commerce industry, e-commerce transactions last year, China has exceeded 3 trillion yuan, an increase of more than 40%. 2008, China’s e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of more than in 2007 of 43%. In the current economic situation, the use of e-commerce in the survival of SMEs is much better than the use of traditional mode of enterprise. The relevant statistics show that in the financial crisis, not the use of the electronic commerce enterprises bogged down the proportion of 84.2%, while the use of electronic commerce enterprises bogged down the proportion of 16.8%, a difference of nearly 5 times.

famous C2C shopping platform taobao.com sales in 2007 has been higher than that of Carrefour, Wumart, Huarun million, a large business group, with sales of 43 billion 300 million yuan behind bailianjiqiu in 2008 transactions amounted to 99 billion 960 million yuan, accounting for 80% of online shopping market market. What do these amazing figures show, and who can say who is the master of the market?

data show that in 2008 China’s online shopping registered users reached 120 million, an increase of 185%. Taobao registered members of 98 million people, more than 70% online shopping users are concentrated in the area of the two or three line. Ari analysis thinks, big city online shopping market is becoming saturated, the two or three line region will become a major driving force Chinese online shopping market in 2009, it also ensures that the 09 year Chinese online shopping market continues to maintain a rapid growth trend.

is more important, of which 60% of Internet users have online shopping experience, online shopping market will become China’s retail industry can not be ignored shopping. In Shanghai, Beijing, such a big city, people who have access to the Internet has begun to be familiar with the United States, Suning these stores look like, and then on the Internet to buy. The difference between B2C and traditional retailers 10-20% is the main reason to attract these consumers online shopping. In the quality of goods and after-sales service, B2C website and Gome Suning almost no difference. Consumers do not have to worry about similar Taobao credit rating may be false, B2C sites have a complete credit guarantee system, including invoicing, providing a complete warranty certificate, and support for cash on delivery, etc.. And B2C site is also actively make improvements in the continuous improvement of services, but also introduced a number of traditional shopping malls do not have the services, such as a recent introduction of the price of the security services: in Gu