in recent years, domain name investment flourishes frequently reported in the network. Domain name investment has become a hot investment industry after the stock market. Domain names and trademarks are the same, generally follow the principle of "first note first get", so as early as the domain name in the early days of the registration of a lot of people began to engage in domain name investment. Hot market has also promoted the development of the domain name trading platform, the competition for domain name trading platform has become extremely fierce.

for a domain name investors, a good trading platform will undoubtedly help. A safe, domain name trading platform powerful fair, "rice farming" important marketing tool. Because of the normal operation of the platform specification, professional services, can provide domain name transfer, transfer of registration and other ancillary business, greatly facilitate the domain name investors and buyers. Domain name trading professional website more and more, the competition is naturally fierce.

recently, the era of the Internet’s "space launch activities and send all free domain name. It is understood that this event including registered as a member, can be free to use the domain name cybersquatting trading platform, free domain name transfer, can also get a free domain name CN.

According to the "

space charge, in order to expand the" space-time influence in the industry, the Internet era has officially launched the free CN domain name, the domain name trading platform using free activities. The slogan is that as long as you can think of a good domain name, you can use this free platform to create wealth. It is reported that "time is the era of the Internet’s brand platform, a domain name from the query, registration, purchase, transfer or transfer to the end to the auction and a series of links," rice farming "can be easily completed. Compared with other companies a single trading platform, the era of the Internet and increase the registration function, to fill a gap in the domestic domain name registration transaction.

industry insiders believe that the domain name investment heat unabated, have a safe open, fair free domain name trading platform, is the domain name investors strong desire and demand. The demand of the market will surely promote the development of the trading platform in favor of the investors. All free time activities "to prove this point and will further promote the development of domain name trading market.

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