Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on July 26th

Jingdong is in 10 years of the most glorious moment, not only the integration of Tencent’s business resources, and Tmall tied into B2C two, also visit the capital market, the market value of nearly $40 billion, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) also received double harvest of love and career.

, however, there are tough times Jingdong. Disclosed in central speech group CEO Liu Qiangdong, former Jingdong, Jingdong and their possible over the past ten years, the Internet industry is the most China questioned the companies and individuals.

since 2007, Jingdong got the first round of financing began to get $10 million to the end of the decision to self logistics, after the market has a variety of questions. Liu Qiangdong said, "someone said, the Jingdong is a mess, do the logistics is the most stupid decision, one day bring corporate collapse. Over the years, the market has always maintained a constant heat is a discussion of our various acts."

Jingdong losses up to 1 billion 700 million a year loss. Liu Qiangdong admitted that he was also worried about the failure of tens of thousands of employees how to do, but in the past ten years, Jingdong insisted that as long as there is something valuable to do, will not be affected by the outside world and shareholders.

"legal and cultural environment, the failure of a business simply because the team does not work, there is no other factor, all other factors are excuses." Liu Qiangdong said that the current Jingdong should be most concerned about, should take the time to train their own team.

70% – or

orders the same day the next day

over a long period of time, the Jingdong has invested a lot of manpower and logistics to build logistics, logistics and warehousing is also considered one of the core competitive advantage of Jingdong, in 2014 a quarter of the 70% self orders are on the day or second days of service consumers.

Liu Qiangdong said, the Jingdong in the first half of this year three to six line city speed, hope more orders in 24 hours are sent to the consumer credit card, door-to-door, cash on delivery, return can come to get back, face to face to the user cost.

between the user experience and cost, Jingdong also has a lot of consideration, such as 700 warehouses, poor efficiency, to 500 billion are not enough. Jingdong to build a logistics system, front-end to provide customers with the best experience at the same time, the back-end is a great demand to reduce logistics costs.

Jingdong self logistics is very important, Chinese logistics cost was staggering, to 2013, the annual Chinese logistics costs accounted for GDP 17- 18% over the same period, the European 6-7%, Japan 5-6%, foreign logistics cost ratio China low 10%.

Jingdong self logistics, another factor is that in order to ensure the user experience, Chinese over the years, the express development is very rapid, but the service quality is relatively low, the franchisee and group interests and in violation of great service, as risks to express.

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