from the end of 2016 only a few days, mother and infant industry is still not lively, 36Kr recently announced the "2016 valuation list" TOP200 krypton in the field of maternal and child were ranked as honey bud, babe network, baby tree, three valuation reached 10 billion yuan, while in the TOP200 rankings in no other industry maternal TMT property company.

from the mother industry after 2015 2016 hot, Jimmy Tesco, freaky mall, lotus and so on weakness or leave the child, maternal line field repeatedly formed centralization, honey bud, babe network, baby tree three mainstream game player, will affect the future trend of every act and every move the domestic maternal market.

near the end, it is time to take this opportunity to count, in 2015 after the battle of the Red Sea, 2016 two children open crisis bonus opportunities and tightening industries coexist in a year, the domestic vertical market experience in the end what


content is king: occasion is to follow the trend or meet the new wave of


"Red Net", this is a hot word of the year, is one of the important role of the media and business among the people is sexy talk at leisure. When the "red" in the mother industry, we call content is more reasonable, it contains not only is real in the maternal reds, cover live, etc. recommended form.



, now become the mobile Internet public nature of a landscape which revealed the new content is the advent of the era of PGC is relatively old, but today the content production, distribution, consumption and liquidity have been dramatic changes in the past, and this PGC is different, and even can be said to "new content". For maternal electricity supplier industry is even more so, we can see from the "mother" small package rice cake "hemp" porridge Yue Yue "this kind of Master confirms the rise of the child. Honey bud CEO Liu Nan said a word can better summarize now maternal user and the content of consumer demand logic: now in the maternal industry, consumer decision-making not because of the shelves and what it marked what price, they do come out, it needs content, need knowledge, need to consume decision support. So we can see that the mainstream players are doing content, but their different forms and depth.

The Bao Baoshu community

gene when doing the content more convenient, fully prepared for the data, and sorting through the accumulation of PGC and UGC content, the young mother of young families, to provide the required content.


electric property is more obvious the honey bud, choose another way to find content output mode more young interaction to realize the value of content. First, live – live broadcast of the contents of the solution to achieve a one-way, users can simultaneously communicate with the content of the interaction, which is a more attractive model