on the Internet and the impact of e-commerce, traditional enterprises have net, to seek the transformation, online selling steel can achieve turnover of 90 billion in 3 years, the plastic can also be sold online through 6 months of growth to achieve monthly increase of 300 times the volume of transactions, vertical electric business is ushering in a period of vigorous development.

but for the distribution segment is more complex, a huge amount of goods B2B vertical electricity supplier, the information platform is not enough to support the market demand, the transaction closed loop platform has arrived. The following is the reflections on the B2B vertical electric business website operation and Nanzhao network:

build online and offline platform

The best way to user

fusion online is not the line, not even on the net, B2B website of business transformation of traditional enterprises should be targeted, in the traditional product chain under the support of the business platform as the basis, combined with the industry of like-minded, discussion, trial and error of a market demand for more marketing model.

how to build B2B vertical business platform? Nanzhao flowers network give the following suggestions:

B2B advertising aims to shape the brand, unlike direct marketing

even belong to the same kind of product vertical electric business website, this B2B based on the comprehensive nature, is still difficult to be specific to a product advertising, advertising for B2B business platform, but also the last key role: shaping the brand platform.

advertising is divided into two kinds, one is the direct stimulation of the sale of advertising, more is the brand advertising, which is also one of the B2B vertical electricity supplier needs to shape the brand marketing.

for explosive growth, but full of sticky snowballing growth to

to achieve explosive growth in a short period of time, or even overnight, for the B2B electronic business platform is not the reality is not reliable, not overnight website has a huge marketing background is that there is a huge amount of money, either for the vertical B2B business platform is not too realistic, and shun the outbreak the site is still not known ah industry formed a solid reputation.

so, B2B vertical electricity supplier platform is relatively slow, but the user is more viscous growth model.

price war is not worth the war

product homogeneity, price war has almost become a necessary option in marketing, but in many industries, almost all the sites and have their own characteristics, so in the face of the customer when the outstanding differences, reduce the homogeneity should be the website have the most need to focus on treatment level.

bargaining is strategy, habitual thinking, intrinsic factors but not the final decision whether the user buy. A competitive price is not as competitive as possible. You belong to service, supply chain, transportation for you…… Every one of you in all.