"laugh" was registered by

"do you know" Sanxiao "Mister, help me, I put this" Sanxiao domain name transfer to them, "as long as you can recover the cost on the line."

recently, the general manager of a network company, Mr. Gao met customer Mr. Cao, Cao proposed above, and Mr. smiled and shook his head. According to Mr. Gao introduced, at least ten customers to ask him for help, please contact the domain name transfer.

last year, to convince a network company clerk, Mr. Cao invested tens of million yuan, registered the "laugh", "Five" Yangzhou well-known brands such as domain names, but after repeated communication, "laugh", "love" and the two companies have no intention of buying.


domain name "investors" fitted all  

in fact, in the network induced company clerk under the domain name investment trend in the Yangzhou market was simmering. In reality, however, most people do not understand the value of the Internet domain name, but generally regard it as a network of trademarks. But it is to see the media for "registered trademark" flourishes story, that they can’t wait for the.

according to insiders, Yangzhou almost slightly famous unit, have the domain name was registered by the experience. Not only is the three laugh, Yangzhou middle school, five, Yaxing, Slender West Lake, Wutinglong International Toys and gifts and other related domain names have been registered private, even the fireworks Yangzhou March mascot "Liu" has been registered.

can regret is that the reporter learned from a number of network companies, has not yet heard the success of the transfer of the domain name of the news.

But for the

domain name "investors", if you can not transfer out, domain name registration money would make sense; in addition, the domain name and time limit, if the maturity is not afterinjection will automatically expire, if continued, would still have to continue throwing money.

network investment appeared Jianghu

from the initial 3721, general web site, Chinese search, Baidu and other search tools, and later developed to.Com,.Net,.Cn and other Internet domain names. Then came the ".Cc", "www. Chinese domain name.Com", ".Mobil" and so on, and for a time they became the new business opportunities that some network companies are trying to recommend".

from the latest survey of the situation, Sina, Sohu and other portals of the search engine is becoming the object of many Internet companies to market. In this field with the concept of network investment in the muddy water, the Internet is still in a state of the public has been fooled object.

opened the domain name "investment" persona

urged on an Internet company, Mr. Xia Jiangdu to relatives and friends gather 120 thousand yuan to build a network company, a Alibaba similar business >