Optimization of

, is to build the website frame, including navigation bar, book, map, 404 pages, 301 redirect, delete dead links etc.. The deleted are deleted, which should not be used do not use a good website framework for search engine crawlers will love, and a good framework for users will love, looks comfortable, easy to use, the webmaster to think, can also discuss with the programmer.

fourth: optimization of

website optimization structureThe optimization of the structure of the

chain, we all know this, but now I love Shanghai foreign chain requirements is also high, from the green radish algorithm, you know, let alone the chain webmaster anxious enough. Now we have the chain from the "fine". Not from the "quantity". For example: in the famous blog (such as Tianya, Sina, NetEase, etc.), several well-known Forum (such as MOP, why, Admin5, Chinaz Shanghai, etc.) as well as their own industry chain can do forum. At the same time, the chain is not to be forgotten. The chain is in the whole.

optimization is to improve the site rankings, ranking is also concerned with us all the time, when we take over a new site in the US where to start? Many people just took over the new website to update the content, to the mass of the chain. But the ranking does not go on. Then we should calm down to think about? What’s wrong. What should we do. I share some personal experience here in

contentOptimization of chainOptimization of the

; keywords optimization

keywords, which include: the main keywords, long tail keywords, and keyword selection, we must select the choice of keywords (love Shanghai index search volume slightly less) based keyword optimization small. So we won’t follow those high weight website age long conflict, in the home, mainly to do long tail keywords optimization, for example: in the home page or other articles. In the choice we can imagine, the user input meaning behind the word, for example: Ningde real estate network, then the user may want to know the Ningde real estate prices or some information. For example: so how much price, then the user may already know a fuzzy price, to see what is the specific price, what is the difference. So it is important to choose keywords.


second: optimization of

!The first Do

content, practicability and novelty, in fact it is the content of the first, the content is certainly related to our site, secondly, the content is not useful, can not meet the user, can solve the problem of users. Original content now love Shanghai more and more attention to high quality, is the hope of our website content is the most fresh, give the user different choices, different answers, allowing users to choose the best to help him, otherwise we are going to reprint reprint. The user has to search all the same content in a row down.