Relevance of high content


Internet network

high quality of the chain mainly in home based one-way link chain form, cross connection, buy links, to create their own resources to do the station, one-way links, so the chain is the best, followed by Links, content pages link, the blog is the chain of keywords ranking to take an important role in

The layout of There are some topics such as



Related content and content of high quality

with high quality is not contradictory. The former refers to the quality of content, the latter refers to the scope of the industry.

since it is key competitive, there are people constantly with their competition, once their lax, then others will likely catch up "

, this classification is too too wide, it is difficult to let people know what is your key to this website, where the advantage, and this site involves a lot of content, the maintenance is also relatively difficult.



tools / materials

Optimization of unremitting

we have to do is to soft as the core of the blog in the column setting, you should try to this keyword soft, such as the Shanghai dragon soft, soft writing skills, marketing and so on, this classification at a glance, which is convenient and easy to update themselves, optimization.


keyword ranking, the general weight high website occupy certain advantages in the rankings, but there are some sites seems not how, but the ranking is very strong, roughly observed ranking has many accidental, but careful analysis found that a good website ranking is for a reason, a lot of things can not be identified at a glance. So how to optimize the popular keywords? The optimization of their years of experience with everybody together to talk about how to optimize the popular keyword trick.

high quality of the chain support chain for ranking is relatively large, column page many sites keywords ranking on the home page, is actually on the outside of the chain to support high quality and the chain this up, it is relatively difficult to

From the


content refers to the optimization of the range as far as possible not too wide, such as our soft paper core, as far as possible around the keywords to make soft site title, site columns and the content of the website, this correlation is very high.


station in the station layout is reasonable and has a great impact on the overall site optimization, especially flat column layout, keyword formulation, website, this is the most common in optimization.