, we retrieved in a short term, will present at the bottom of all the ten coherent search, while the ten coherent retrieval, is our best source of core words long tail. If we want to do a forum that we go to Australia, Google Australia Forum, in the coherent retrieval, presents the following ten coherent retrieval, so, we can obtain ten coherent long core words, and we again click one click on the first word, like Australia Forum after all, we can see that it is a long tail of ten core words, always so down, everyone will find that the long tail word is really not " " dig;. In the search engine search long tail key word, another benefit is that these words are visited, with a search word, that is to say these words once up, will immediately bring traffic, IP, deal with individual website promotion, otherwise than what website promotion the more exciting thing?

the above information by training network (贵族宝贝baidutameimei贵族宝贝) to join meat finishing.

many experienced optimization are found, with the long tail word to optimize better results of long tail core words of how to choose the key word? In fact, the first is not what bias, but after a series of research, but also, draw some conclusions, find a good way to share with everyone.

2: to the site furnishings statistical tools, digital analysis.

today almost all statistical tools have an effect, is to see the antecedents, let you clear that every IP from there, from which the word, this method is very useful when you find a word most recently IP a lot, it can make a lasting optimization disposal the punishment.

core long tail word choice, to be reasonable layout of the site, the long tail of the core layout to achieve the best condition, that is each page can very quickly be recognized when the search engine, the long tail word ranking promotion, each with the long tail of the word "all will be visited by import, make each page display effect. According to the practical experience, with a long tail of "core words arranged within 3, if in accordance with the long tail key word to expand the editor, this is the best way to express. To deal with the large website content in the environment, just use contents held copy of.

Whether Google or Google

can go to each other’s core word is what, outbound links and see each other website, will easily see each other with what word, the word statistics, do some comparison, get the long tail key word itself.

1: go to the site to find rivals.

3: through the search engine search.