Key points:

points above is to become a qualified Shanghai Longfeng personnel must have knowledge, if these are not yet available, I recommend you to come back and take learning tasks, so that we can not waste the time of the clients and your own time, I found a lot of new Shanghai Dragon Phoenix optimization researchers still do not know what is to take the task now, finally task is not finished, it would not harm to others.

1, should have independent title, keywords, description of optimization of knowledge, to be able to exist independently modified client sites unreasonable title and keywords and description,

do a Shanghai dragon optimization besides must have four conditions to enter the industry but also need to have rich experience and knowledge, experience and knowledge of the rich can help Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel to solve many website problems, I should have to talk about experiences in which some aspects:

3, optimization of qualified personnel must also have the ability to complete the writing task independently, what do Shanghai dragon is the most important, to write the content of the original article, even if you write it out, then when a Shanghai dragon is completely meaningless, you don’t write, you have no money, then only the consequences of plagiarism, and plagiarism is a dead end.

everyone wants to do, but not everyone can do, many owners are also in how to do the thinking of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so do the core elements and key points of Shanghai dragon at what place? The author of the two aspects of the analysis, the author hopes through the analysis to the to help some webmaster, let the site back above the track optimization.

Shanghai dragon

2, a Shanghai Longfeng qualified optimization personnel should also have to set up a website and maintain the site’s ability to imagine you in the process of customer orders in ask you my website to open what is going on? If you do not check the website domain name and website space, then the customer will trust you more? Don’t talk to pick up a single money.

4, familiar with

1, a qualified Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, must have the basic knowledge of computer knowledge, HTML, if this is not available, then I don’t know how you go to the website optimization.

ASP, PHP and other procedures, more popular on the market program dynamic forum, ZB blog, WP blog, a lot of rebate, etc., to the fastest speed orders, then it must be to the fastest speed to adapt to these programs, we can also see that the site is actually Admin5 Dede change and become, if you practice the basic Dede program are not familiar with, after the customer to teach you the task you will study, what a waste of time, and time is money, so do not go to school.

2, can write a full article independent and complete.


core elements: