a lot of friends in the optimization of time to the site, the chain construction site as Shanghai dragon all the quantity and quality of no ground for blame, because the site outside the chain indeed largely determines the website weight and keywords ranking. Just outside the chain of construction is good, if the quality of the site within the chain is not good, so your site construction work need to do is doomed to be much more than others.

, a website internal link definition

website internal links

internal link optimization if properly, can be included to promote the site, enhance the user experience, increase website PV and reduce the rate of jump out, transfer website weight and keywords ranking promotion. Of course, everything is relative, does not exclude the internal links website will not do bad, good internal links website of Shanghai dragon was more and more important. Moreover, relative to the chain, to build the site within the chain is much easier to grasp, and can greatly reduce the risk of K.

two, what is the use of

2. in the article to insert links or anchor text, when writing an article, if appear before it comes the knowledge point in the article, by the way before naturally leads to wrote the title or keyword, then insert the previous article links, the best way is the anchor text link to previous page. So if the user to read this article, but the previous knowledge of interest can follow the anchor text browse previous articles, can improve the PV web site and improve the user experience, and can greatly reduce the rate of jump out of the site. At the same time, can also increase the viscosity of the spider crawling.

each of the 3. pages are added breadcrumbs, bread crumbs navigation can be well pointed out that the current page and the hierarchical structure of the site, so that users can easily understand.

is in the search engine ranking algorithms pay more attention to the quality of the content and the internal structure of the site, and the internal structure of the site in the most important point is the website of the internal links. So, what is the website of the internal links? Do site optimization friends all know external links (backlinks), internal links and external links instead, refers to the mutual link between the same site content page, which includes links to each other between the channel and column, the article page keywords, tag call in the chain, the chain optimization on the site of the internal links of the construction site is.

three internal links, how to do

1. link list, a good site optimization do often have many pages, and we in any page visit this website will see a list of other page content channel and column, the article page, the title in the tag link or keywords, but this is done within this website link. Its purpose is to attract the spider crawling along the link again to the previous page, in order to increase the viscosity of the spider crawling, promote the website included;