‘s expected return on investment has become a real huge loss, becoming the core of investor anger directed to 36kr.

How does

macro energy events more representative, is that it is a 36kr platform to raise public equity together early in the project from the beginning, the first attempt to expand the participation of the new board set by the project, so at the end of last year to start the campaign with vigour and vitality of the 36kr, the first new board set by the project "are nothing praise you, in the eyes of investors, 36kr is no longer the simple information providers, but the depth of investment and financing services intermediary, the need to bear the responsibility of false propaganda, is in place in the project investor funds, after the establishment of the fund, but from the initial announcement" set by the "strange" into the transfer of the old shares, let leave the old shares at high prices to conceal the reason why never explicitly inform the project risk?

      3; domain name investment: often see news, certain domain name sold hundreds of thousands, sold millions, etc., so you may also go to invest domain name. The real truth is that it’s harder to earn money by investing in domain names than winning a lottery. Because there are tens of thousands of people in China who invest in the domain name, and those who make the money are the ones who lose money. What’s more, the good domain names of this age are almost gone.

this model is super simple, that is: do website, engage in traffic, earn advertising fees!

make money on the web?


1: this kind of website, development of offline mode is similar to pyramid schemes, said on the website is after you become a member, according to their model, after a few months you will become a millionaire, and not what is the difference between these schemes, these are a waste of time.

below, 36kr was issued to individual investors part of the project screenshot introduced by investors to the titanium media reporter, titanium media also confirmed the authenticity of the material:

Abstract: equity investment risk is difficult to avoid, but equity investment all chips platform responsibility boundaries, raising the risk of public projects to grasp the scale is not well defined. Individual equity raising and investment, from the emerging trend of the industry as a whole to the credit and legal environment mature, there is still a long way to go.

, and this is not 36kr all chips platform broke out the first issue of the project, in the investor community, called for refund project from time to time, the drop in all the chips project also happen.

      network out of order these ways of making money, wasting my time the past two years, by the way of making money out of order, not enough money cost. However, the last year, he really slowly began to use the network to make money, and then found that the network is actually very simple to make money. Mainly because of their previous thinking is too complicated, did not go the right way.

      2; surf to make money: this kind of money, multi first mail, point ads, brush search tool bar, etc., are basically the kind of cheat click form. For a month, an estimated $1 would not have been made. And most of them have to accumulate a certain amount of money when they can receive money. So this way of making money is almost a waste of money.

and the project status below shows that the actual situation and different projects according to the recently released publicity, macro energy earnings, its profits did not reach 35 million, and the loss of nearly 30 million; its current share price, regardless of the said project roadshow XXX times to return to 10 yuan, the transfer price of view has been basically belongs to Lanyao off.

      the first step is to do the website:

with more than a month before the new third "macro energy" earnings exposure, the data with the end of last year to start the data set by the huge difference caused increase in fixed 36kr investors to raise a strong rebound, from May to June, to participate in 36kr to raise the public part of the individual investor with 36kr management and ineffective communication management, find grace energy without the door, is the beginning of a more intense way of safeguarding rights.

every day, many netizens ask me how to make money through the Internet, but this problem is too big for me. Different people, different abilities, different resources, different ways to make money on the Internet are also different. Here to share some experience, hoping to help some friends less detours, find yourself using the network to make money direction.
the following several ways to make money is hard to earn money to:

buy domain name, buy space, this need several hundred yuan cost can start, this is very basic, not detailed talk, the following talk about how fast >

statement of interest: titanium media is focused on the TMT field and the primary market information platform, its media business and 36 krypton media business constitutes a competitive relationship. This issue in depth investigation of exposure, from 36 krypton equity investment platform also known as the "internal equity raised platform", titanium media did not related financial business platform, the Internet and the financial industry and the level of market real situation are the focus of media coverage and reports of titanium category.

      here to share a network of most of the current owners of the network to make money model.

if you have not done, you may feel difficult, in fact, very simple, when you understand, you will find that no technology can also be more big website, as long as you work hard, you can put up with the traffic flow promotion, and make advertising more easily. As long as the Internet has experience, after three months, earning thousands of dollars a month is still very easy.