e-commerce store, since the store is a customer in order to form sales, how to e-commerce website attracted a lot of customers to visit? To do promotion, so how to achieve accurate customer? Need to do on the Dragon Phoenix currently Shanghai dragon is one of the. All e-commerce sites most love technique, low production cost.

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second: enterprise site

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fourth: e-commerce site

large website profit point is traffic, so traffic for large web sites is important. Large web sites to get search engine traffic can buy those high traffic keywords. But large web sites generally do not take this approach because of this high cost. Large sites are by their technology for good keywords ranking to get traffic. What is technology? Is Shanghai dragon, the Shanghai dragon means no money, can be a lot of traffic through a lot of long tail keywords for a day. Large website contains a lot of rich content in the website page, there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of pages, so much content contains a lot of keywords, if these keywords and home can go through the search engine over the daily traffic is very scary, massive keywords massive traffic.

is to do the webmaster friends do personal site is entertainment and download resources, promote the pursuit of this website is a low cost, the effect is relatively good. Shanghai dragon on our personal site, is also one of the most important promotion methods.


many webmaster is standing in a position to see Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon actually is not so simple just to earn so little advertising so simple, here idsem network marketing small Hu Peibin for the majority of the webmaster friends share different sites of Shanghai dragon

: the first personal site

third: large website

Enterprise Station pursuit is not flow, but high quality IP conversion rate, because of the high quality IP has a lot of potential users. When these potential users through the website link to the product page and information page, it is possible to directly become customers, so how to get the potential users of these high quality IP? Then the page promotion methods of Shanghai dragon is the enterprise of the site is the most suitable method. For enterprises to carry out network marketing in Shanghai dragon and search engine advertising is very important. So enterprise site must do Shanghai dragon website optimization.