three, frompointtoarea, focus on the creation and optimization of long tail keywords

station in Shanghai Longfeng program should contain the specific details of the operation in Shanghai Longfeng people probably know. The domain name and space selection (domain name space short, stable and fast), targeting the masses (priority among priorities), select the keywords distribution, URL website optimization, site structure optimization etc.. These contents are the basis of Shanghai Longfeng, we review will understand. The emphasis here is on the site when you need a good plan with the Shanghai Phoenix Station, otherwise the late promotion work not so smooth.

four, in the < > page

today I want to share a new station to within one year of the Shanghai love weight be 5, this is a 4 person team of Shanghai dragon. First of all, a webmaster tools data:

two, the goal of the masses


‘s 28 law, it should be according to this law, to start the long tail keywords. While the start of long tail keywords operation is? 1, the long tail keywords corresponding URL should be unified, the good let weight. 2, increase entrance users of the URL, namely through the URL into the web users. 3, the long tail keywords do soft Wen contribute work (the URL needs to be reproduced). 4, people focus on the forum and Post Bar needs a lot of post, need to take the page URL (now some difficulty, but every day can send 1 is 1, the accumulation can bring up the ranks).

Here I talk about the factors of

, a Shanghai dragon plan before the establishment of the

The background traffic data of

a lot of people still stay in to the site optimization is the concept of station after the completion of the thing, this is actually a big mistake of thinking. To a website user experience is good and have a search engine’s favor, the construction site must be a good scheme of Shanghai Longfeng station.

The precise positioning of


this is a very critical point, different optimization methods will lead to the different positioning. For example, some people at first site to target the masses is individual, for the B2C platform, but do, on the release of market information, to taste wholesale content types, which leads to the goal of the website optimization object and fuzzy masses, also began to blur. Clear goals of the masses, we can find the target audience more concentrated platform, and then we can go to the corresponding platform for the chain, brand promotion, promotional activities and so on.

We all know that Optimization of

website, every day to reach 50 thousand IP here. The time domain name although reached 1 years in January 24 days, but the real beginning operation time has not reached 1 years in fact. Well, here is mainly to share the author is how to operate a new station here.