a general website page is the highest, lowest, the minimum page column page. We are in the chain of the three is generally in a recursive way to do within the chain, but when it comes to a main product page can be directly from the home page chain to the product page, reduce weight transfer loss.

website: initial filling notes.

The second part:

we can see when each page of this website when the knowledge points it will have the link anchor text knowledge, a user access to each page not because anchor text links a page too much and think that does not fit the page browsing, instead of explaining the link anchor text plays a role rather, you could say that it is the explanation for the correlation, the chain in the anchor text to retain most of the visitors, and turn them into fixed users frequently, so Web traffic is high, direct website ranking and rising data.

The first part of the


The third part

as long as the website one can say that no one has not visited net w3school, open the w3school tutorial network we can see between him inside the page, explain the correlation within the chain to achieve the ultimate, it can be said that this is a template website optimization in the ultimate chain.

chain website articles and site architecture considerations

heaven is a way to say site optimization means a lot, as long as one way you can do, what your website also can soar. Today we talk about several aspects to build the site within the chain of attention.

website architecture is good or not determines the bounce rate or not included in the site and user browsing. Within the framework of the website chain we do website main navigation trees, such as tree trunks, branches, such as column article pages such as leaves, the entire site to clear, distinct. This site within the chain structure is quite in place.


The weight of

: the chain page weight transfer notice.

is the first web site built a long time filling, we think most of the webmaster is not copy and paste? It is actually filled with the early start to build the site within the chain. If when we fill each article are the one and only keep the original, to each of the URL link and each of the concentrated knowledge into a keyword record record is very necessary, sure a lot of people who said this trouble, tired, but did not pay any hard harvest. You are filled with good website content, many articles URL link and the corresponding keyword can build between the article and the article, explain the correlation within the chain anchor text, so the chain kingdom a website of the prototype is good.