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I’m from 09 contact learning Shanghai Longfeng, until last year, basically to auction based, supplemented by Shanghai dragon. Because the flow and bidding Shanghai dragon and basically flow too disproportionate, controllability of bidding is very strong, much stronger than the Shanghai dragon. Many did not do the bidding of Shanghai dragon that paid no technical content, but also to burn, often look down on auction, the real truth is not the case, the auction is very difficult to do, to analyse the daily data is very complex, it is extremely difficult to formulate strategies, usually a lot of Shanghai dragon is look down on bidding tend to have a reason for this, it is thought that bidding is adjust the price control, good rankings, it is out of money, very simple. But the truth is for a lot of pressure, not price adjustment control to improve the quality of the rankings, so simple, there is a possible Shanghai dragon is usually easy to ignore the problem of personnel.

point of view, the whole chain of success is successful, in front of several links you are doing well, such as translation links not, your ranking do better, more traffic, enhance the inquiry again high, no transformation in front of these efforts are wasted.

is not the same, naturally do not have this problem, because it is money, ranking this problem you don’t need to solve this problem, once the breakthrough, we enter the next link, the marketing funnel you remember it, click the show – – – turn inquiry. This order is very clear, this problem once solved immediately enter the next link, because from the marketing

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general staff heard the Shanghai dragon may arise spontaneously a sense of superiority, we see is not the money. In fact, my personal opinion is that a word, click 5>

rankings this link once completed, our mission is the next step that is inquiry. So for people is the need to control the inquiry, the inquiry is to enhance each bidding staff target. But in general the first mission of Shanghai dragon is to bring up the flow is, anyway, the completion of the task, the boss will have. And do the bidding of


it for a really deep comprehension and cognition, tell us about the one I heard a data in the bidding of the cattle, a medical industry one of the words can be more than 500 dollars, the inquiry rate reached 50%, the conversion rate can reach 70%. Just heard of the data I think there is something wrong with the ears, then step down to listen to me slowly believe this data. Have the opportunity to tell you how this data is generated, although not seen, but from theory to derive the data is credible. Why would a keyword can be more than 500 yuan of money, some did not see the world small bid member heard this data is very shocked, my budget is two hundred or three hundred yuan, you click on a word is 500 ocean, really scary.