said that in fact you must own the right attitude, not to some of the problems encountered with the construction site in real life, we choose the site is my hobby since it is of interest that we must love this industry, no matter in the middle is good or bad we can calm treat, the only way to construct the website to better yourself will be more happy.

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station of the technical chores or more, most of them are now basically private webmaster site web site maintenance, web design, website code and so on many factors we need to solve their own webmaster, here would be a very troublesome problem, after all, a website built is a big project in this project, which will inevitably encounter some problems but these problems only one of us to solve hard, because we are private owners rather than a site construction company has its own professional team, so we are here than normal, eat a lot of money to own a person can only fight a lone battle.

since we have to do so in the optimization optimization of Shanghai dragon always encountered in the process of keyword ranking decline, some problems included reduce, not updated snapshot, if these problems we should calm down to think he is not wrong to come what these penalties have, as the saying goes "take it easy" punishment and rough is the only way which must be passed in the process of construction, so we must have a good heart to treat.

optimization is a test of a thing for the patience of the website, because Shanghai Longfeng optimization is a long-term energy consuming thing, sometimes want to do a website optimization Shanghai dragon have to wait a few months to have the effect, even more for a long time to six months or a year are very common. So for the Shanghai dragon optimization must have a patient and a quiet heart to do a good job in the industry.

there are a lot of young people and the elderly attitude and patience are very bad temper is irritable and hot now I believe that many webmaster is also so, certainly a lot of webmaster in site has encountered some difficult or troublesome things must have been abandoned or boring exercises think of these things a lot of trouble mentality, do not want to solve these troubles, so many sites are encountered a problem however the webmaster ignored, to the final site to be search engine punishment or web traffic is more and more low resulting in net station closed end.

believe that most of the webmaster are mostly young people in 80, 90, but for our age to the establishment of the people of temper and patience is not very good, especially his attitude problems did not adjust well, so today and our "new hand site teaching ten: optimization of the Shanghai dragon pay attention to several major drawbacks" to talk about the topic of today – website webmaster can not jihuo.