three, the content of the website to keep pace with the times, to solve the core needs of users

several major domestic travel website Ctrip, the way cattle, donkey mother and other sites have done well enough, the website weight is very high, the weight of a page is even higher than the ordinary website home page, so now do tourism website, the competition is fierce, the difficulty is quite large. So is there is no way to operate it? Of course not, as long as we can find the difference, to subvert the traditional, the change of thinking, and the way.

 For example, a

mentioned above the site location, the next step is to optimize the station. According to the traditional Shanghai Longfeng routine, should put the core keywords deliberately layout in the navigation bar, the instructions on the forum, but the word is too long, if you do, will affect the user experience.

two, the station optimization to the appropriate word layout, to focus on

a website can bring benefits from the keyword start location. For example, Heihe travel to Russia, I positioned the "Heihe tourism in Russia, Russia two, Heihe tourism" and other words, customer service is also a piece of this, some people may say that these words have no value, because there is no love Shanghai index, love Shanghai promotion station is only around 5 of the index the amount of.



in my opinion, blindly pursuing love Shanghai index is a big misunderstanding in website localization, in my opinion, the "Heihe tourism in Russia " the word although there is no index, but once a person to search the word, then there is the absolute demand, turnover rate will be much higher, perhaps search " Russian tourism; " people just want to know about the price and route travel information, but the search for" Heihe Russia two, tourism "users, basically is to travel to Russia, you think, if not, you will fall in love with the sea search box to play so many words, write so carefully to search for


client is doing tourism in Russia, he was in Heihe, has been engaged in the business entity, this year want to network this piece of business to do it, belongs to the local tourist site, if the site start positioning Russian tourism, some inappropriate.

finally, I want to emphasize is that travel >

mentioned the optimization ideas of tourism website, insiders know that mainly rely on the long tail of the word brings flow, because the home page can optimize the words are few, especially the local tourism website how to locate, how well the content is the key to success.

from the user’s point of view, should first consider the appearance of the site, the first step is to remove the impact on the appearance of the keywords, the keywords in the page layout segmentation, segmentation, keyword content should pay attention to proper expression, cut out the meaning of the word related to.

, the first is the core of the website localization, the long tail key words