three, the usage of the inurl technique

four "," accurate matching

two, site grammar usage

use of the query method, you can get the A5 site inside the Shanghai dragon related articles. You can try this trick.

Inurl has a lot of people have not seen the beginner Shanghai dragon, or are not heard of such a grammar, it mainly means to limit the search scope link or URL suffix. To query information is defined between a website, forum and blog, this syntax is very easy to use, but also improve the efficiency of ER to find the contents of Shanghai dragon. For example: I make a hair loss site, but I want to find the relevant website or forum hair. You can use the first grammar intitle and inurl, intitle: query method hair forum inurl:bbs. Figure

grammar range search the page title, search scope, we can better search for things. For example, intitle: treatment of seborrheic alopecia, we want to use this syntax in the title above search to seborrheic alopecia treatment of such sites, but this syntax we use very little. But there is a skill, about third grammar, and then tell you.


a beginner who do not know how to love Shanghai, Shanghai search grammar, before I just learned Shanghai Dragon don’t understand these grammatical meaning. Write this article to share with beginners who love Shanghai Shanghai dragon search grammar skills, it is becoming an important Shanghai dragon must master the knowledge points, these are intitle, site, inurl, "domain", these kinds of grammar. Some Shanghai dragon ER know these grammatical meaning, but really know these techniques are used and have several.


some users search related words, may be love Shanghai apart, not what users really need, that.

use this syntax we can query to the title of the forum related alopecia. This query technique is one of my friends told me that this share to everyone. You can check the relevant weight forum or website, you can use this website.

grammar meaningThis means the

Site grammar with respect to all know do Shanghai Longfeng usage. It is mainly in a single network, the requirements of their own content search. But we are often the most common usage, the site+ website, this is just a very simple usage. For example, to find the relevant articles in the Shanghai dragon A5 website can query: Shanghai dragon +A5 site, as shown in figure

intitle, a