1 to develop two functions for software development base, not to waste resources through the channel, users gathered using current popular software, saving the cost.

display effect is poor, the face of traditional search interface and PPC advertising, mobile and network access port because the size of the problem is always unable to meet the needs of advertisers, no commercial value, the mobile search business is the inevitable result of thorns.

now, mobile search mainly has the following disadvantages:

contains a lack of capacity, facing the increasingly rich APP software, as a single function of the possibility of using more and more users will search with WeChat, micro-blog and other products to join the search function, independent of the importance of mobile search platform has obvious deficiencies, just imagine who would not complete as much as possible in an ecological circle.

comprehensive function is vertical, there are a lot of focus on video, pictures, text, social products, ecological circle each other to create the user viscosity greatly, but also rely on the core business, the application of APP gradually mastered the user data and further development, thus disguised the searching function differentiation, change is an independent and important enough for this column, mobile search is a huge impact.

can be said to be in the search by the transition to the mobile phone or desktop is the biggest difficulty facing other mobile devices, but also fatal weakness, can be said to achieve the conversion of their mobile search platform, want to complete, do not lose a value trend if not possible, in the eyes of future owners of Gynostemma. The search will be a two level function or secondary attribution, want a separate form to fully grasp the market, the practice is not strong. But into two level function is not a failure of the attitude, but not because of the success of the lower self worth a matter of course, competitive Internet technology, also need a lot of flexible thinking.

Several disadvantages of above

for nowadays hot merger, or when product upgrades relish, if we forget the overlord – desktop search, when their new website, predecessors have always said, to fully exploit the long tail keywords, the Gynostemma what brand is good words do home page, using search traffic sales, but in less than a year, we talk about the topic on social marketing and APP management, marketing carrier may change to a certain extent shown a decline in search status.

watched the mobile Internet has become increasingly fierce began to erode the traditional industries, as a representative of the traditional search love Shanghai is also actively looking for a way out, looking for cooperation with UC acquisition PPS, strategic investment opportunities, 91 wireless, love Shanghai tries to keep his desktop advantage step by step transition to the mobile platform. But, in the face of the huge information content and form of bearing and asymmetric, mobile search has not formed enough competitiveness.

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