: the first step by step carefully, not outside the chain for all guide

In fact, after

this is the method of making the chain the self summary later, your chain is not fine in, I believe that there is a quality of the chain can bring extraordinary value and flow to this page, this is to be done; in the chain system, I suggest you can also shield the chain of production, and because the chain guide users to become members of their own, let users publish the chain entrance through self organization, so as to bring more traffic and sharing sites; summing up the above statement is not outside the chain, step by step carefully, to the appropriate guidance, do the chain better than everywhere nets the user guide, promotional site, instead they can organize.

second: sincerity first, to keep the user’s feet

K station in the cause, the chain has always occupied a large proportion, so that the first point, step by step, not outside the chain is actually all oriented, after this, we have found that a lot of very good ranking sites, the number of the chain is not much, but a lot of the chain the number of the website ranking is not ideal, and some even in the previous update algorithm, becomes a test of love in Shanghai; and in the author’s website, self summary, it is for the chain of flood is not controlled, made outside the chain of many types of garbage, now I think so, usually for the chain page theme and theme of the chain itself does not want to close all the chain as spam links, after all the search to determine the theme of a page or So for an easy job to do, you make every chain, must be very careful, stay relevant guarantee on this page the user may see this link and click go.

in recent days, Shanghai love made several big update, the station has also been included on the recovery of the following screenshot, is the author of a station after several months included 0 page re released

love Shanghai June madness, cruel after July, dreary August, released in September, finally arrived in October, Shanghai released the love website, but I believe that there are still many K webmaster and has not been restored, but the station if you insist, certainly will still love Shanghai again the collection, following it, this article, through love Shanghai release included, said after the owners of the road should be how to go, is the most appropriate.

in the past on my website, the contents are copied on the Internet has some content directly, then without any modification, direct to throw, then look at that time IP and the ratio of PV between 0-2 is really too horrible to look at, do not know to what this user guide, one cannot keep users of the site really is of no value, I believe that love is Shanghai can be judged by the habits of users continue to this website in the end "

contentThe I have always believed that the