The advantage of

, increase the exposure rate. On behalf of the chain generally choose some of the weight of the larger sites, as long as can effectively release articles, and do the pure text anchor text chain + corresponding, similar cases (kuzhan chain: 贵族宝贝kzwl贵族宝贝/), then it will make the website have more exposure. In fact, this is also a basis for comparison of the marketing strategy, only allow users to see our website can have more positive influence on the promotion of. This chain is not easy to release a success, there are many large websites are constantly cleaning up the chain, so it is handed over to the chain on behalf of professional can quickly complete related tasks. Especially some new sites to increase the exposure rate itself is very difficult, if the blind advertising, the site is not a good carrier will also want to promote a certain waste of time and money, so we should first increase the exposure rate, extended step by step.

two, effectively enhance the website ranking. Shanghai Longfeng optimization when we hope that the site’s ranking to front, which not only makes the basic flow, also can have more loyal users. The most important is the rankings, is a great help for the future development of the site, but also can ensure the optimization effect of Shanghai dragon best. The chain is the first step but on behalf of enhance the website ranking, the site itself is to do a good job in the corresponding Shanghai Longfeng optimization, this two superimposed will make our website with more traffic and a better ranking state.

with the development of science and technology, more and more people saw this several years of network marketing, network development is very fast, you want to make your own website to promote the product to the public, must from many aspects of publicity. But a new website may day even the basic traffic are not many, this time you want to upgrade their weight needs to be popularized in many aspects. The rise of outside chain on behalf of industry also let us save more time, but also to ensure the best results. The following is to introduce what are the specific advantages of the chain on behalf of.

The advantages of

three, increase weight. Although we all hope that the chain can be directly connected to some of the weight of high site, but the site of the control is very strict, if not the regular chain on behalf of the company, it is very difficult to be popularized in this website. In fact, the chain is mainly used as a "bait", so our website appeared many times, also can attract the spider to connect to the website, can effectively increase the site included speed, also can make our website weight continue to improve, the future development of the site is considerable help. You can see each other every day on behalf of the content, regularly check their website weights, so you can also see the effect.

The advantage of

if you want to make your own website have better ranking, make website promotion easier, or to choose suitable chain generation >