and share their experience, every day is a fixed time to update the content, the best is original, not the original false original also do, don’t pull a piece of text from the web site to add to. I like the station every morning at about 9 update one or two articles, the spider is now more humane, most of my website this time, sometimes even 1 minutes before the snapshot, the equivalent of the seconds. We suggest adding such a function in the website, it is the release of the article, you can optionally specify the time display, so that when you are idle, can write a few articles, busy time will be torn off and the body. For example my site every day to update the 2 article, I am more busy today, I once wrote 6 articles, the first two articles set today at 9, middle two set at 9 tomorrow, the next two articles set 9 the day after tomorrow, it will not only save more time, but also to the site every day updated results, shoot two hawks with one arrow. [Note: this station is just on the line, the effect is not described above the station]

get down to do their own work, don’t expect for the moon, you may use black chain to improve ranking, but after a period of time you will find the site out badly, and then want to get love in Shanghai’s favor, it is quite difficult, so it is not recommended that you use The loss outweighs the gain.. Do your website content update every day, this is the king, of course, outside the chain of resources is also very important, there is reasonable to set the website keywords, this is a technology live.

is the best and can generate static pages, we all know that the static pages are very friendly to search engines, and open speed, server resources are very small. Minimize the use of flash and JS on flash and JS, because the spider discrimination is not very awesome, when many >

actually, Shanghai dragon is not complicated, but training it myth, false books, true words: content is king, the chain for the emperor. The chain for the princess, keywords for the phase, the code for the structure, for the city, updated for the prince! Love is now a Shanghai. No matter how the search engine algorithm, the content and the chain is the core factor, ranking in the future, Shanghai dragon fight is ranked outside the chain, the fight is the main resource! Today is to optimize the internal structure of the site.

can be the best website to make a real, let the spider come around out, as the site is included in the content is more. In a word, do the chain, such as adding an article, best can automatically put some key words inside plus links, if you do, then your website cow X.

has been engaged in the construction site in Suzhou for nearly 4 years, during the continuous study of Shanghai dragon related knowledge, I am a rookie, is with the rookie level Shanghai dragon ER who share their experience, master Mo laugh. Recently in a network company website, and is responsible for the optimization.