is in use and experience of the people have the right to speak, will often give the best advice, hope you are generous with your criticism. Your suggestion is relatively complete and feasible, and the ultimate adoption, the forum will be made an honorary member of the. In addition, recently found that individual anger is greater the friends of WHY www.paijiaaa贵族宝贝, we are tolerant of each other, don’t abuse each other, help each other to correct and improve the development.


3, the Forum on each plate to reform. We have any suggestions, you might as well say.

1, the new user will cancel the signature (signature of the user has not cancel) this is a big move, really need a lot of courage. I want to listen to your views.

5, with more talent pool job. Shanghai dragon why贵族宝贝 interaction, so that talents get more favored companies.

6, Master club, let the experienced an independent sector and people are willing to share.

in front of Shanghai dragon why ranking drop speculation in the text, when I mentioned the estimation of the end of buccal light should really in the quality of website content, whether the main content of Shanghai dragon to > why

4, increase the contribution function, make Shanghai dragon WHY blog: www. Shanghai dragon why贵族宝贝/blog (suspended 2 months)

2, cancel free registration, only a QQ application login. So we will cherish their own account. Is not a gag, again registered a. (QQ information is completely confidential, all people including the forum administrator is unable to see the QQ number

in another article Shanghai dragon why love Shanghai ranked in the fall again although I said the real Shanghai Longfeng not to optimize the optimization, in order to more users and optimization. But we want to see is not only the optimization to retain old customers, to retain the suction, it lead to new users cannot do without the optimization of Shanghai dragon, so as the Shanghai dragon famously said: Shanghai Longfeng difficult content sources, jiyechangqing is fro users.

Shanghai Shanghai dragon

look at Cardiff I face some ideas down right make changes:

love search ranking, seems to have not in the Shanghai dragon why position. The love of Shanghai ranked right down, now, no longer love in Shanghai own title. But Shanghai dragon why to self rescue point. Although Google search in Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon why still holds the first position. But I think only too anxious, has been repeated several times to write countermeasures Shanghai Longfeng why save in Shanghai love ranking. Who knows the Shanghai dragon as most of the time is to love Shanghai and Shanghai dragon. Not to mention the Shanghai dragon why to continue to do it like before brilliant or cannot do without the support of the record.