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website optimization is naturally a lot of webmaster friends pursuit of purpose, part of the webmaster website in order to optimize the way to spend a lot of thought, but the effect is not very good. From the last love of Shanghai green algorithm and the love of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm we can see that nature is not suitable for site operation.


take the love of Shanghai pomegranate pomegranate algorithm, algorithm we reduce the invalid or ineffective advertising popups, how can we as a webmaster in site traffic under the premise is not to pick up some pop ads profitable? And this love Shanghai search engine seems to be wrong. But from the sea many love for advertising we can see that love Shanghai to reflect the website search engine is not natural, but let the webmaster friends site less advertising, advertising for love Shanghai more and more naturally. Faced with this situation as an ordinary webmaster how to avoid the mistake of website optimization of natural

web content remember to deliberate, with only the most important

search engine to tell us the site’s content to meet the user experience, in fact, we can see in this sentence, the content of the website should conform to the search engine to love Shanghai. Love Shanghai search engine needs what kind of content? The first is the new content, such as today I attended two exams, so I hope a lot of love in Shanghai on the day of the exam 2 content, so it can meet the user’s needs. Second love Shanghai demand is the user needs, such as what are my long two love Shanghai need examination? Is the exam and exam exam answers and exchange. Finally, we can see that the content of the website must meet the demand, fresh, fashionable and mainstream ideas, do this step our website content is consistent with the interests of the search engine.

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as a webmaster want their website advertising more better, because it represents your website profit, but conversely love Shanghai may not love your website advertising, web advertising your business is more like Shanghai stolen by you. So that in the face of love Shanghai pomegranate stationmaster friends to give up the extra algorithm of web advertising, purify their website environment, to ensure that their website was not love Shanghai K away from yesterday’s update can be seen in those K sites mostly pop website, hope the webmaster reduce the frequency of the website advertising. Here I have a few suggestions: 1 is to reduce the number and frequency of pop ads, in fact, both for the users of the site pop-up ads or search engine is a big killer, can reduce as far as possible to reduce the. 2 if the website advertising can’t be reduced, then the best use of code change, let the search engine spiders can’t grab, it can ensure the normal operation of the website. The 3 is the site of the advertising picture must be reduced, pomegranate algorithm has just come out, it is in the hot period. "