my blog in almost updated every 2-3 days, although I do not like how the current popularity of blog. But a lot of love reading my article almost all my friends to find out the update frequency, almost every day after posting comments will be reached and the basic matching comments. As can be imagined regular updates will bring users access to the timing of your blog, also can make love Shanghai achieve good optimization effect included.

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is your blog blog update frequency are sticky, is a crucial condition, readers love this blog, depending on how you write articles and blog update frequency quality, seems to be not too much, but if you have a blog for three months only updated, unless he owes you money, otherwise no one see.

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take Hu Yibo as an example, I am a full-time SOHO, in fact, every time is arranged, because busy other things are left at the end of the time has very little, so I’ll leave that little time to relax. But I will be the two days each week to analyze what all don’t do some data. So it can be said two days time each week is no more words, I will take two days to update your blog. In fact, you can according to their own work, study and living habits to find a suitable time to update the blog.

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does not recommend the following update time

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fixed time update blog can improve user loyalty

update time

every minute, your blog is not micro-blog; updated weekly, weekly very high demands on the quality of content; updated once a month, try to avoid the frequency of updates, like the body; updated every three months, unless the blogger owes you money, or no one; an update for a year, then congratulations, you have not written blog, is in the Spring Festival Gala broadcast.