two: the original update frequently, and coordinated

three: Treasure site, away from the edge boundaries

content in the end how important, why the original content sought after so? The reason is that the search engine for the original article, the original site is more and more popular. Practice has proved that if the individual blog, keep the original, and the chain structure design, no problem, a short time can reach the second effect. In the construction of content at the same time, do not ignore the construction of the chain, both inside and outside of Shuangyou website, the author believes that the search engine will also give special care. How often is the second site, even though the website in a short period of time, the result is still not bad. But the thing is not absolute, I said just witnessed the conclusion analysis practice of some websites.


take the Shanghai dragon blog for example, every day you write some website optimization skills of the original update up without any problems. But if every day to write some "swarm optimization, search engine optimization, the sprocket is closely related to the information, the final result may be down right or the end of K. Have done a test, in the few seconds of the web site, placed a few articles, but the "edge" was included slowly, or have been included but has refused to release the snapshot. Where is the reason? Two audit the audit, is only "original ownership"? The same, you are unable to comment on topics related to your site, if not enough weight and authority, or less to write about it. Although generally not by special.

advantage: for such sites, the author thinks that the search engine will be extra care. The practice proved that this kind of website revision even in a short period of time, are not affected. Not the emergence of a large number of structural problems, the most is just a snapshot to file. To do the first station, we hit 20 points, the reason lies in the face of temptation to cheat to keep the conscience, not easy.

: from the beginning of establishment, maintain the healthy development of

in the website optimization process, some stations a little carelessness will be plucked into the doomed eternally. However, some stations even frequent revision, and even take some means of cheating, but the ranking is still the reason where rise directly to a high position,? Some stations, even a week not to update, but still maintain a stable ranking, how many people can go to the analysis? Perhaps with the weight of the new station, but why can be so happy Locke? Today we will analyze the search engine for the bottom line of the website ranking.

is a very important point, if at the beginning of the site for cheating, even small cheating is very small, for their own future will still be buried under an indelible. Although in the subsequent efforts to the rescue, but no significant progress if the trust crisis has not experienced too much rain test". Give an example to prove that a K has been out of the site, even if the subsequent recovery included, but slightly more susceptible to K is also a reason.