write more, spread the more spread more, there will be accumulation, your reputation will Many a little make a mickle., more and more. The brand effect will gradually be recognized.

webmaster friends, the new year, the optimization strategy for your site has no plans to further? If not ready? The chain site has enough a lot this year? So what should we do? With the Internet to the new situation, we must. As soon as the situation now, the optimization is better than the year before the optimization policy last year, more and more websites, competition is more and more strong, how to fight this market and competitors into the most critical issue.

yes, is to write, I’ve heard Wang Tong speak a few lessons, he said a word, if you don’t know the original, then try to write their own, one day a, to write high quality, what is high quality, that is what you write will see and there will be people, communication, sharing, if you can’t write, go to see someone else’s article, this article focuses on the thoughts of others, then someone else’s article condensed into one sentence, and then divergent thinking this article is the author to the readers from what angle. In this way, as long as you put your thoughts from different angles to the readers to understand that it would be easy to write a very good article.

tried different methods, methods try some others are not likely to notice to complete the self brand marketing, as a webmaster > encourage love Shanghai

to highlight the characteristics of contention of a hundred schools of thought, the brand promotion website


so, since this is not that we should do something to change the way we present the optimal? The author has done some summary and webmaster friends progress.

once, we stay around the chain, we will stay as long as the place to stay, stay well okay, stay too much, will let people have a on the road to see the ads on the same pole. And sometimes you are not in a casual will find a website name frequency in particular, you do not stand the curiosity in the promotion of the website "trap", have to say, this method is good, for example, I have the habit of love look excellent cool video love is very funny, some video channel in the first half of last year, when a man called cattle video collection is very interesting, but also increasingly found the video more male cattle, with curiosity, went into the site, feel good. So Jingxiaxinlai think this promotion model grew more and more interesting, there are other examples like Lu Songsong blog, know the webmaster, but others did not deliberately go to the hair of the chain, Mou Changqing, is the master, a successful example of brand marketing. So, the real master is free to let others help themselves outside the chain.