Inside the red box in figure


is shown in Shanghai love weight, many owners have to take this data to determine whether a site is good or bad, but you have not thought about these tools is love Shanghai official data? It’s not love, Shanghai was first put forward by the weight of love to the station later webmaster tools platform also launched love Shanghai weight query tool. The so-called weight is to flow as a standard, if your web traffic is high, the so-called love Shanghai weight naturally high, if your site does not flow, love Shanghai weight is zero. Obviously, the judge is very one-sided, but is not scientific. The love of Shanghai is calculated by weight many evaluation factors comprehensive consideration, the specific amount of examination what factors, love Shanghai certainly will not tell us, because this is the core secret love Shanghai, so we can not take the so-called love Shanghai as weights to determine the site quality on the basis of. There may be a lot of people will think this is the love of Shanghai official things, this love Shanghai Webmaster Platform for clarification, please see below:

above is a statement of love Shanghai officially released in July 12, 2012, made it clear that the third party Webmaster Tools data not love Shanghai official data, does not represent the real situation of the site, so please don’t believe the love of Shanghai weight.


1. to love Shanghai right decides the quality of a web site. Now Shanghai dragon are love with love, home owners etc. these tools to see if a site weight high love Shanghai said the website quality is better. In order not to let you feel too boring, please see below:

2. to the number of anti chain query tool to determine the chain website. In fact the chain query tool Webmaster Platform provides the query to the data only in love with marine closed domain, these related domain does not transfer the weight, so the chain is not in the true sense. Now I have a LED car advertising products website, I was launched in August 1st, did not send the chain, but in my website submitted by the so-called anti chain query tool, there are actually more than 200 – >

now with the development of China’s Internet, various industry increasingly fierce competition, network marketing has become an important source of enterprise customers, Shanghai dragon came into being. Many companies now have their own websites, regardless of sex or the promotion of Shanghai, the natural ranking or need to use some methods to improve the Shanghai dragon, showing the amount of our website, so that customers can see more of your own web site, so as to reach a deal. But because our country is still in the initial stage of development of Shanghai dragon, many Shanghai dragon was blinded by some wrong understanding or wrong thinking, so it is necessary to share with you my own summed up some of the people of Shanghai Longfeng errors: