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closed the chain in YAHOO search query function, the chain query has been a more vexing problem. But fortunately, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform recently opened the chain Webmaster Tools analysis function, simply check the ownership of the site, the chain can query the site. But very depressed, the results turned out to be the site in the chain data is really poor and blank

love Shanghai included the number only a few hundred, the number of included nobility baby only more than 1000, which indicated that the content of the site itself is still very scarce, on the other hand, proving once again that the weight of the site itself is too low, do not want too much love Shanghai are included.

first A5 webmaster network published a "voyage one thousand and one driving Shanghai dragon night" series of articles, let my colleagues and I feel the warmth in the cold Beijing – recognition and care from peers. In the coming days, we will use the analysis of the real case, the heart, and continue to share the joy of Shanghai dragon industry website optimization and sad.

want to do so, not only do the voyage driving website, the chain construction work mentioned above, but also to strengthen the content of the website construction work, must be both hands, Liang shouying.

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in we can query the voyage driving website domain name registration in April 27, 2011, less than 2 years of history, although it is not new, but it is very young. To predict the weight of the website is not necessarily high, if you need to make the website has improved significantly, unless you can get a lot of high quality chain. It is said that the construction of the chain will be an important job.

pr After

using the command, we can query to love Shanghai included the number 429, love Shanghai snapshot time is 2012-12-03 (two days). Which included nobility baby reached 1170, nearly 3 times the love of Shanghai.

today we are going to talk about the subject still relevant and Zac Zan Hui God "Shanghai dragon combat" password. From the beginning of this article, we will use the Shanghai dragon Bible "Shanghai dragon case analysis in this chapter the method, step by step to complete the voyage Shanghai dragon driving website optimization. It includes the four site analysis, keyword research, website optimization, website construction of the chain, which is the theme of today’s analysis.


we can see through the PR query, the PR value of the site was 0! That is to say, from the baby’s point of view, the site has almost no weight, in other words, the high quality of the chain is the lack of

noble baby