The content and the keyword

brand is its own brand, also can be other even rival brands. It is a well-known brand, can also be non brand models, here refers to the industry standards, models and specifications of special products of the technical parameters. The above is just an example, but not limited to these.

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on the site corresponding to each other and, in a sense that Shanghai dragon is established on the basis of the content of the page. When we determine the core of the web site keywords, it takes lots of relevant content to support the core keywords or other related long tail keywords, let search engines know this site is what to do, what is the core of this website. So how to combine these long tail keywords? Below Yang Zi from the following aspects to share with you the keyword combination method in Shanghai Longfeng site and how to customize and update the content through the combination of keywords.

, a product or service + features keyword combination strategy

three, product or service + brand model keyword combination strategy

is the underlying content of products and services, but also can be extended out. Can be described on the introduction and function of their products, also can be the origin of the products, raw materials and other related background knowledge. If it is a service, can explain the industry terminology, introduced to the industry news, technology and service process etc..

keyword is: "Shanghai dragon competition shoes" you should be a shoes corporate website, so Web content can be obtained from the product’s features, such as shoes, shoes, shoes material production process, such as pattern style shoes. Also from the crowd classification to expand: such as children’s shoes, men’s shoes, ladies shoes, casual shoes and so on; and also can be traced back, such as shoes, what the origin of XX origin etc..

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two, product or service + search intention keyword combination strategy

took the bearing related business friends may be familiar with, bearing many keywords is through different brands, different models for portfolio. Such as: Ask, NUE7> deep groove ball bearing

for this kind of words, we can know to love Shanghai, know almost quiz, search Q & A, Q & A, Sina ask questions such as the platform for the analysis of mining. Keywords consulting problems often submitted by users is very good, but the conversion rate is very high.


Such as:

line is normal, each industry has its own unique rules. Understand and familiar with the products or services where the rules of the industry, will also understand a lot of unique keywords combination method. What is certain, such as Cordyceps sinensis, whitening products how to use a good health equipment, taking a health tea, how to effect etc.. The product and search intention of the combination of keywords, search the words the user is a potential user of the website, the conversion rate is relatively large probability of paying users.

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