after Shanghai launched the love pomegranate algorithm and Scindapsus algorithm, Shanghai dragon Er Road has become difficult, many Shanghai dragon Er is full of worry and confusion in the future, Shanghai dragon Er is really a dead end? And we explore the pony today Shanghai dragon Er future.

when some of the Shanghai still love Shanghai Longfeng ER algorithm change concerns, please calm down and listen to the pony slowly said, Shanghai dragon is what to do? And outside the web site optimization, ppc. Why do we Shanghai dragon? Or inside and outside the website optimization, ppc. If we er Shanghai Longfeng has always been this thinking, then we have some chicken ribs.

two: Shanghai dragon Er should transform the thinking of

three: Shanghai dragon Er should pay more attention to the user experience


but in reality it is not called Shanghai dragon, but it allows us to find the people, know all kinds of information something, know which product is more outstanding, it is Shanghai dragon, search is the world without end, because as long as there are human beings, will be saved in the search, but also Shanghai dragon but sometimes the world without end, we confine ourselves to Shanghai dragon Er on the internet.

: from the search, to search for

user experience seems to be the most recently fired hot words, but also has according to, because with the search engine more and more intelligent, the user experience can see more and more heavy, because the search engine if the user abandoned it.

only know the website optimization Shanghai dragon Er, most will become a very good Shanghai Longfeng engineers, give you a keyword, you can do this, but you may have to worry about the love Shanghai algorithm updates, you will feel more and more difficult to do in Shanghai dragon, the future is uncertain, because of you feeling left the site, leaving the keywords, you will Nothing is right.

since ancient times, the search has been in existence, such as before to find a person, we need to search, but with the advent of the Internet, we want to find someone, you can QQ, WeChat and other communication tools, to understand one thing, we can go online access, this also is search, just turn station to the Internet, regardless of whether on the Internet or in real life, there are Shanghai dragon.

so we er to convert Shanghai dragon thinking, Shanghai dragon is a kind of website promotion methods, so we can not confine ourselves in this way, we must cultivate their marketing thinking, we should use their own thinking to do Shanghai Longfeng marketing our own, so, love Shanghai just to update our influence is very little, because our main source is marketing, rather than the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is only a means to us.

Shanghai dragon does not belong to the Internet, but does not belong to the search engine, which belongs to the human search, because it comes from search to search.