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is developing the PC side of the site of the enterprise, the author suggests to do mobile phone website enterprise, after all mobile search is now very fire, intelligent mobile phone users are also very much, but most of the users have bid farewell to the PC side towards the mobile phone side, if the enterprise still hesitating may bring unnecessary losses to enterprise. If the owners intend to do mobile phone website or mobile phone website has been doing business, the author suggests to optimize in the optimization of mobile phone website, the various aspects of doing a good job, the only way to enhance the sustainable enterprise mobile phone website mobile phone station traffic, but also can obtain the long-term and stable development.

also did not go to the station construction enterprises should pay attention to a mobile phone, mobile phone station domain name to choose, love Shanghai here to give advice is to select the domain name mobile phone station as brief as possible, the shorter the domain name more convenient for users to remember, there may be Adsense will ask, domain name mobile phone station long why not to choose it? This is a good question to answer, because from the user’s point of view to consider, users would like to remember the domain name is short, I believe you think so. For example, the mobile phone to the enterprise site domain name, the author can choose wap.abc贵族宝贝 as the domain name, the domain name may have been registered by someone else, but as long as this brief to select the domain name, believe that mobile phone station will be.

mobile phone users are in urgent need of content resources of mobile phone site, is currently a lot of mobile phone station can be obtained, such as the mobile phone novel website is one of them. Many mobile phone site to do standard site requirements, so A5 mobile phone marketing site optimization problem with you simple communication with me, to see how to optimize the mobile phone station to get mobile search engine’s favor.

in the writing of this article before I have to explain, from mobile search love Shanghai has been committed to the mobile phone site, with any mobile phone station included standard site, Shanghai will actively love spiders are included, but the enterprise owners to pay attention to the mobile search will give priority to the collected station are:

, a mobile phone station to short domain name

1, mobile phone users are in urgent need of the mobile phone

2, with mobile phone standard (according to the station site to love Shanghai standard)

with the development of mobile search love Shanghai, love Shanghai mobile search has become the world’s largest mobile phone Chinese search engine, from the current data shows that daily users love Shanghai mobile search launched a search request up to hundreds of millions of times, so the data can see mobile search for mobile phone website benefits. Of course, now many enterprises do not have to do mobile phone website, perhaps many companies do not understand the mobile search brings to the enterprise, so the enterprise does not intend to do a lot of mobile phone website, also has been in the PC side of the site to profit. So, whether the enterprise to do the mobile phone website? If you go to a mobile phone web site, and how to optimize it?