people say Shanghai Longfeng do, do, die die. Some friends asked me, noble baby after the update, the foreign trade of Shanghai Longfeng how to do? Here’s my view.

big update algorithm in June 21st, caused a heated debate in the industry. The webmaster stand the forum discussed in this update. I have some friends to do foreign trade said in the QQ group, this change is indeed very large, many websites are K.

from the three search engine technology elite can roughly understand changes in some search engines, but this is obviously not completely solve the problem of what to do in Shanghai dragon. Here are some views of the network.

noble baby anti spam department leader, the famous Matt Cutts algorithm to update the anti spam sites mentioned repeatedly punished in his blog.

love love Shanghai Shanghai Lee as internal staff, once in Shanghai Webmaster Platform forum to answer many of doubt. In the optimization of flood guide has been mentioned many times in the Internet search engine spam love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released such as: in 2012 the number of domestic sites grew nearly 30%, 70% for the acquisition of cheating sites, 10% for fraud, illegal and unsafe websites, high quality website the proportion is about 20%. Love Shanghai needs reform, need to tap the original, trusted resources preferential treatment, at the same time, no security against cheating website.

from the search engine engineer reflects the information, we can find an important information: the search engine in the effort to increase junk information website to support high-quality website.

recently updated search engine, some of the original fast lifting chain method ranking effect is not.

Zhu Jianfei is the headquarters of the United States Department of nobility baby anti spam in Japanese and Korean group responsible person. He said, Shanghai dragon is not an easy thing to do, he may not be able to do. Even if the algorithm, not cheating, quickly achieve good rankings but also is very difficult. Not only do the content, but also creative. We must spend the time, effort, fair world is supposed to be this way, no effort to get a good result. This kind of thing.

network that Zhu Jianfei is actually a madman do not want to cheat with the sale link method to white hat gimmick to promote itself, this method is the need to spend time, are slow, is not suitable for many sites, such as a large number of enterprise website, but in fact, many companies did not provide a high quality website the content, but still very near the top ranking. Therefore cannot assume that the Shanghai dragon is really hard to do.


on the quality of

on the chain

in my opinion, the noble baby algorithm update, most clearly than the search engine engineer. The search engine engineer said it was very important. Some of the following information from search engine engineer.