path design

for the site, if the home is a big map, then the channel page is a small map, visible inside chain strategy to form a powerful network. Enter the channel page can be found in the web page anchor link text are full of words, so, the distribution of keywords for users is very reasonable, how search engines will think that it is cheating, instead of "core keyword search engine that will increase the density, but not with the core content of related keywords, the the ranking is also very advantageous. But in the case of multiple keywords, and is very clear. The key number visible natural number one has super >

look at the home channel label design, Title Design according to the channel page to the first page of the order set, so as to put the most important keywords in the front. The description is also an excellent insertion into keywords, long tail keywords, sentence and content. Keywords setting without disturbing extra text. The page would not do the analysis.




div+CSS design

from the site of the page title, medium of words, core keywords on the front, and into the long tail keywords, appropriate density. The descriptions are also inserted into the long tail keywords, keywords, and to "confidence" and "courageously to the words" users have a more intense desire to click; number of keywords set is reasonable, and into the long tail keywords.


some time ago, had seen a mere 10 months its website weight of 8, more than 200 thousand articles in flow station, so the site will arouse my curiosity, the following with the website as a case analysis together with you.


open the site and check the source code, can be found in the use of div+CSS is designed, simple and unified. So the spiders are very friendly.

as long as the site visit can be found, the site uses a static page. So, is included in the speed, the spider crawl the content or the weight distribution and other aspects of some obvious advantages.

for the website path, if it is beneficial to ranking with keywords. The site and its path design basically follow this principle, with its column keyword Pinyin path set, in the support of a lot of content at the same time, its advantage is more obvious.


link strategy


label design